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Friendly Home Match v Richmond Park – played on 16-Sep-2017

This was the fifth of our 6 friendly matches and with a 4½ to 1½ deficit it was going to take a very good round from everyone to win the cup for the second consecutive year. Rickmansworth had a good team for this match and being on home ground gave us a small advantage. The first team came in with a win, which gave us a good start to the day. Teams 2, 3 and 4 also came in with wins and at this point the 4½ to 1½ deficit was reversed into a 1 point advantage. Our team 5 did not do so well however, so now we were all square with the aggregate score of 5½ to 5½. Once again, down to the last match to decide if the cup stays at Ricky, or goes to Richmond for the next 12 months. It turned out that the last match was not only down to the last hole, but the last putt, which was sunk from about 25 feet by the Rickmansworth duo, to clinch a very important point and give us a 6½ to 5½ win, and the match cup stays at Rickmansworth for another year. The sweep was won by Dave Miles and Mick Rogers with a healthy 44 points, on top of their excellent match win. Once again, a big thank you to all the players, as without your support these matches would not be possible.

Peter Maestas, RGC Captain 2017

Rickmansworth v Panshanger Home HFL Match Report – played on 09-Sep-2017

No mix up of venues this time, and after a short summer break, Rickmansworth were at home on the tricky course that usually brings us a win. Having said that, we took a real pasting when we went to Panshanger so the match was definitely not going to be an easy one. First match out lost by 5 points and it was looking like another difficult day on the golf course. Second match came in with a fantastic win by 12 points, so maybe the golfing gods would smile on Rickmansworth this day and we would come away with a win. Matches 3 and 4 were very tight and it was down to the last to either win, or not lose by too many points, for Rickmansworth to take the win. The final scores for the day were, 207 points to Rickmansworth and 199 points to Panshanger, so a very satisfying win for the Ricky Team. The sweep was won by match 2, Peter Bartlett and Bernie White with 47 points! Thanks again to all the players for their continued support.

Peter Maestas, Captain 2017

Club Champion adds Order of Merit to season’s haul…

The Order of Merit Scratch Trophy concluded today with the final event of the tournament, the Len Covey Medal. David Hirst, who earlier this season won the club championship, took the title with a gross 71 giving him an average scratch score of 71.82 over the 11 events he played in. Both the nearest challengers could not meet the minimum requirement of playing in 7 events, so were eliminated at the final stage. The final table was whittled down as follows; 2017 Order of Merit.

Rickmansworth v Batchwood Match Report – played on 12-Aug-2017

The last time the two clubs met at Rickmansworth on the 18th of March, Rickmansworth lost the match by one point, so there was a score to be settled at the away venue of Batchwood Hall. The team was ready, the course was well tended, the weather was behaving, and we teed off at 09:00 sharp. The first match was close but a win for Rickmansworth by 3 points; we were on our way for revenge. Match two was a loss by 1 point, match 3 was a win by 1 point, and match 4 was a loss by 2 points. At this stage, Rickmansworth is still ahead by 1 point, so a draw or a win for the last team, will win the match for Rickmansworth. The final team score came in, and it was a win to Rickmansworth by 4 points. The day’s final scores were Rickmansworth 221 points, and Batchwood with 216 points. It was all very close but a fantastic away win for us. The sweep was won by our last team, Danny Simmonds and David Grace with an excellent score of 47 points. Thanks again to all the players for bringing their best game to Batchwood and securing the away win for Rickmansworth.

Peter Maestas, Captain 2017

Rickmansworth v Panshanger Away HFL Match Report – played on 05-Aug-2017

After an initial mix up of venues, both clubs thinking that the match was at home, Rickmansworth managed to scramble a team, and arrive at Panshanger on Saturday morning. With Rickmansworth needing an away win, this one was a great opportunity as we know this course very well. With some very wet weather arriving towards the end of the match, and the end in sight, the teams started to roll in with their scores. It was very clear from the start this this was not going to be Rickmansworth Golf Club’s day on the course. The final scores were 176 to Rickmansworth, and 210 to Panshanger. We will have to play well at home on the return leg, to make sure we secure a home win. The sweep was won by Jake Jacobson and Graham Simon with a very respectable score of 41 points. Lastly, a big, BIG thank you to all the players for making the switch from home to away, and to those who stepped up last minute to make up the team.

Peter Maestas, Captain 2017

Rickmansworth v Little Hay HFL Match Report – played on 29-July-2017

Having played Little Hay away in April, I am still upset about losing that match by one measly point, and we had a point to prove in this return match. Being on home turf, and with the advantage of our tricky course, our hopes were very high. The first match was won by a small margin of 5 points, so it was looking like it was going to be a close one at home as well. Match 2 was also a very close fought affair with just one point separating the teams, but still a win to Rickmansworth. Match 3 was won by a better margin of 7 points with two matches to come in yet, and it is not a win until all the scores are in. When match 4 handed in their card, it was clear that the score for Rickmansworth was growing, that match was won by 9 points and at this time Little Hay were in need of 22 points from the last match to come out with a draw. Match 5 did not disappoint for us either, they came in with a 12 point lead giving us a 34 point win on the day. Final scores were Rickmansworth 217, Little Hay 183. Our sweep went to Laurence Bradley and Rob Camilleri with an excellent score of 46 points. Well done to all for putting in such excellent performances, and we now look forward to the next match v Panshanger at home, to continue the winning streak.

Peter Maestas, Captain 2017

NAPGC Clapham Common Match Report – played on 23-Jul-2017

This year’s third round of the Men’s NAPGC Clapham Common Match was played against Ruislip Golf Club. The Clapham Common Platinum Shield and Ellis Cup is a Men’s Greensomes Stableford competition. The competition is run with 3 teams at home and 3 teams away. We felt we had a strong team going into this match, but we always knew that this one in particular would be difficult to win. We teed off at both clubs at 09:00. Rickmansworth were 3 points up at home 101 to 98, which we did not think was a big enough margin to take the match. Once the away scores came in, it was clear that Ruislip were the winners on this occasion, with a total of 209 points for Ruislip and 194 points for Rickmansworth. A big thanks goes out to all the players for their support, and we will be back in 2018.

Peter Maestas, Captain 2017

Rickmansworth v Aylesbury Park GC Friendly Match Report – played on 22-Jul-2017

Once again this match seemed to be one of the best matches in our calendar, and just simply attracts the players. With a fantastic full English breakfast, we were off to the first tee. Being 3½ to 2½ down from the first round at Aylesbury, Rickmansworth had to play well to retrieve or retain the trophy. The teams started to come in and it was clear that there would be a win for Rickmansworth, the question was by how much? Once all the teams were accounted for, Rickmansworth had 5 wins to Aylesbury’s 1 win, and thus Rickmansworth came out on top by a total score for the two rounds of 7½ to 4½ . Our sweep went to Martin Bartlett and Jake Jacobson, who came in with a whopping 47 points. Thanks to everyone from both clubs for making the day a roaring success.

Peter Maestas, Captain 2017