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SOS for Hawtree team..!

Rickmansworth play Little Hay on Sunday 8th July, in the 3rd round of the Hawtree Mixed Trophy. We need 4 Men (max handicap 18) to represent the Club in this important fixture. If we can win, we will progress through to the area final, a significant achievement for the Club. The format is full handicap stableford, with a team aggregate determining the winner.

If you would like to play, please contact me as soon as possible on:

Tel: 07921 409624   or   Email:

Thanks, Dave Watson Captain 2012

Hole in one for Anthony Light

On a damp evening playing on his own and practising for the Club Championship we have following quote from Anthony; “On the 5th hole tonight, I hit a nice 9 iron, right on line, a perfect shot. I couldn’t believe it when I got up there though. It was in the hole! My 1st hole in one & no one there to see it. Why couldn’t it have waited ’til Sunday?!”

Tough Day At Richmond…

Rickmansworth made the journey across London on Saturday for the 1st leg of our annual Men’s friendly match versus Richmond Park. This is a very well established fixture in both clubs’ diary as the match dates back to the mid 1960s.

The match was played over the longer of Richmond’s 2 courses, The Dukes course, and length was certainly an asset. Firm greens and a constant breeze added to the difficulty. We managed to win 1 match (Dave Watson & Ian Brown) and take a well earned half in another (Gerald Hirst & Denis Curran) from the 6 matches, so I’m pleased to take 1.5 points back to Rickmansworth for the return fixture in August.

Well played and thank you to all the players who supported the Club today: Ian Brown, Anthony Light, Mick Gornicki, Gerald Hirst, Denis Curran, Ian Lewis, Alan Eastwood, Tom Moore, Roy Prue, David Hirst & Rob Camilleri.

Dave Watson, Captain 2012

Slow play!!

Ah, slow play – the curse of virtually every course the length and breadth of the entire country! No topic is more widely discussed in clubhouses every week, so what can WE do about it at Rickmansworth?

As a Club, we have 2 responsibilities; to our fellow RGC members and to the general public who we share the playing of Rickmansworth Golf Course, week in week out. It is not fair to anyone to unduly delay play and spoil the enjoyment of others. Medal competitions are the most common culprits where ‘every shot counts’, but I’m sure we can all speed up a touch to get the most from our golf.

Some pointers to remember when playing…

  • Play a ‘provisional’ ball if you think there is danger that your first ball maybe lost or not easily found. It’s a lot quicker to play a second ball from the tee than walk all the way back! Remember to always announce the brand name and number of your provisional ball to the others in your group, as if you don’t then it automatically becomes the ball in play (see rule 10-3 and rule 27).
  • Look for your own ball before heading over to help others (where practicable).
  • Keep an eye on the time when you start your search – remember you have a maximum of 5 minutes to search for it. After that the ball is officially lost, so you should play your provisional ball.
  • Leave your bag or trolley near the exit to the green
  • Mark your scorecard on the next tee, or if you’re first to tee off, then play your tee shot then mark the card.
  • If your group has lost a long way on the group ahead or even an entire hole, allow the group behind to play through. There’s no shame in this and it benefits everyone. The group behind will certainly appreciate it! FACT: we all lose balls from time to time even good players(!), and in some cases maybe 2 or 3 players lose balls on the same hole, so unavoidable delays do occur!
  • Putting can be a major cause of slow play, sometimes it is unavoidable – but on many occasions, it can be sped up. The first person to reach the green can announce the order of play, especially if 2 balls are a similar distance from the hole. Try to hole out as much as possible and avoid marking, unless you think you’ll be standing on someone else’s line. Unnecessary marking wastes time. If you do need to mark, then stand way back out of the way of other player’s eye lines.
  • First player to hole out gets the flag.

It must be said, that as well as slow play spoiling the enjoyment of a round of golf, fast play can be equally un-enjoyable for co-players and the groups in front and behind. Let’s face it, most of us get to play golf just once or maybe twice a week – we play for the enjoyment of being out on the course with our friends. There is no need to be racing around as that does not actually help YOUR game, especially as you play your best golf when you’re relaxed  – as the great golfer Walter Hagen once commented; “Don’t hurry, don’t worry, you’re only here for a short visit, so be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” Well we don’t have too many flowers along the way at Rickmansworth, but we do have a lovely course to enjoy.

Happy golfing,

Dave Watson, Captain 2012

Rickmansworth Salver & Club Championship

As you may have seen from either the Club Diary or on the website Event’s calendar, this year we have a change to the playing of the Rickmansworth Salver and The Club Championship.

The Rickmansworth Salver is a medal event played over 36 holes – play your 1st round this weekend (23-24 June) and then the 2nd round the following weekend (30 June-01 July).

The Club Championship is a scratch medal event (ie no handicap allowance) played over 36 holes on Sunday 1st July.


Great win in Clapham Tie…

A long time has passed since our last Clapham Common outing, last September’s National Final of course, and after benefiting from a match concession from Farnham Park in the 1st round, Saturday saw us take on our old friends from Thorney Park in the 2nd round.

Another strong team was assembled for this tricky looking tie – last year we actually played Thorney Park twice with both matches ending in a draw – and it was a yet another fabulous performance by the Rickmansworth team to win by 219 points to 196.

As ever this tournament is a team event, and credit must be given all round, but the basis of this victory was our home pairings really taking advantage of home course knowledge to play so well, despite incredibly strong winds on the day, in particular Simon Jackson & Mick Rogers amassing 45 points, and then Archie Ahmed & Ian Lewis bagging 43 points.

Well done to everyone who played, this was a terrific team effort:

At Rickmansworth: Simon Jackson & Mick Rogers, Archie Ahmed & Ian Lewis, Graham Dalvarez & Ian Brown

At Thorney Park: Anthony Light & Gary Sippetts, Dave Watson & Mick Gornicki, John Jones & Denis Curran.

We now look forward to the 3rd round for a match versus Wexham Park.

Dave Watson, Captain 2012

Are you using your County Card ?

Once again this season Rickmansworth Golf Club have provided all of their members with a complimentary County Card. This is great news if you like visiting other courses!

Broadly speaking, the County Card scheme is a way that members of affiliated clubs can play at other clubs who are part of the County Card scheme. Visitors generally pay a vastly reduced green fee – normally about half the price of the regular green fee. I have used the County Card myself on quite a few occasions now and the list of clubs that participate is comprehensive.

Just looking at Hertforshire for instance, there are some very good quality courses to play all at a good discount; such as Aldenham, Berkhamsted, Brickendon Grange, Harpenden Common, Letchworth, Moor Park, Old Fold Manor, Sandy Lodge, South Herts,Verulam, Welwyn Garden City & West Herts.

Going away in the UK? Take your County Card and look in the directory at the list of participating courses. You’ll be surprised at just how many there are, and even more surprised at some of the top quality tracks included.

Please see Gerald Hirst if you haven’t got your County Card yet. See for a full list of courses.

Dave Watson, Captain 2012

Ladies miss out in JHB….

Christine Fairman, B Arlow & Sherril Bryden played for Rickmansworth in the JHB Shield & Cup on Sunday 10th June at Cheshunt Park Golf Club.

The course and weather at Cheshunt was lovely, although everyone found the greens trickier than they looked. We put up a good fight but sadly we didn’t qualify for the Final. Hoebridge and Haste Hill Hill go through to play at Thornbury on Sunday 22nd July.

Sherril Bryden, Ladies Vice-Captain 2012