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A message from the new Club Captain…

Captain’s Message 2013

Having been a member at Ricky for 16 years, it’s a great feeling now that my year as Captain has started. I remember joining back then coming in as a nervous newcomer, but the welcome that was given I immediately felt comfortable. I feel this has continued throughout the years at the club and in my opinion its the friendliest club around.

Last year we had strong leadership from Dave Watson who proved be a popular choice and this reflected in a successful season which hopefully can be continued throughout this season. I would like to welcome my Vice captain this year Stefan Kunka who many of you know, his enthusiasm for taking up this post is very welcome and will stand him well for when he takes over as captain next next year. I would also like to wish Sherril Bryden, the ladies captain for this year, all the best.

We have many club matches ahead of us this season and I hope to see many new faces playing these matches as well as the regular players who have supported the club so well over the years. If you wish to play in any of these club matches please let me know.

Last year the new pro Jim McLeod took over and he has proved to be very popular with his support of the club. I know how passionate he is in driving the club forward so I hope we can all work together and make the club the best it can be in these hard economic times.

The charity I have chosen to support this year is the Neonatal unit at Hammersmith Hospital who do an amazing job at looking after babies that require specialist care whether they are premature, suffering from birth injuries or medical conditions. I hope this is supported well.

Good luck to all members this year let’s hope its a good one.

Mick Rogers
Club Captain 2013

The Lady Captain’s report…

Lady Captain’s Report

I am looking forward to taking over the captaincy from Pauline and I am sure you will join me in thanking her for all her hard work over the past year. I’m sure she’ll welcome a rest from all the trials and tribulations that go with this position. June Poppleton will be my Vice Captain and my thanks go to her for volunteering.

Our membership remains small but fairly static but we do manage to put out teams for our friendly  matches and will once again be entering the NAPGC and JHB championships. We play regularly on  Mondays & Wednesdays at 10.00 am on a roll up basis, and we have a few ladies who play at weekends.

On behalf of all the Ladies I would like to thank Pauline, Ann & Adrienne for all the hard work that they put in to organize our away days and the away weekend and we are looking forward to this year’s events.

Our pro Jim is doing a fantastic job with ideas such as the introductory sessions to introduce Ladies to the game of golf, which will hopefully lead us to welcoming new members. Thanks to Grant, Hannah and the rest of the catering staff who have been providing us with all our refreshments over the past year. I would also like to thank the ground staff for their hard work in keeping the course in an excellent state, despite the terrible weather since spring.

Finally I would like to wish everyone a successful and enjoyable golfing year.

Sherril Bryden
Ladies Captain 2013
Tel: 01923 333144 / Mob: 07799 284023

5th & 6th Pontoon results….

The latest Pontoon results are in….

Daily Mail Foursomes…

This weekend’s club competition is the annual Daily Mail Foursomes. For those who don’t know know much about this, or are a little unsure, then read on…

White tees

In a bid to protect the back tee areas of the golf course, only limited play from the white teeing areas will be permitted over the winter months. All official club competitions will still be played from the ‘whites’, however if there are no white tee markers out, play is to be from the white distance markers. This is also applicable for any knockout matches you may have.