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Notice of forthcoming A.G.M…



Notice is hereby given that Rickmansworth Colf Club is holding it’s AGM on Sunday the 24th March 2013 at the Fairway Inn at 7.30pm.

Nominations can be accepted for all Committee positions, but completed nomination forms must be with the Committee 2 weeks prior to the AGM.

In the event of multiple candidates for any one position, a vote will be held amongst the attending members at the AGM.

7th Pontoon result…

The latest Pontoon result…

Ricky G.C. 7th Pontoon – Results for season 2012/13

Total prize fund of £148, (won in 4 weeks, @ 37 entries at £1)

           20% total prize money to Rickmansworth Golf Club = £29.60 – £4.00= £25.60

           10% ———–“———— Lowest score = £14.80 (1 winner)

 (£14.80 to Bob Horton) 0 Goals

           60% ———–“———— Winner = £88.80 (2 winners)

(£44.40 to Ben Plumridge & Charmain Jones) 11 goals

          10% ———–“———— Highest Bust, = £14.80 (No Winner)

(£14.80 to Rickmansworth Golf Club)


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