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Christmas party alert!

The clocks have gone back, the nights are closing in so Christmas is fast approaching. Please note that the date of this year’s RGC Christmas Party is Saturday 19th December. Further details including ticket prices will be posted later.

*** Breaking news… Ricky win HFL Needle Shield ***

Rickmansworth’s HFL team, captained by Danny Simmonds took full advantage of home course knowledge by winning the season-ending Herts Friendly League Needle Shield. All 5 clubs in the HFL (Batchwood, Little Hay, Panshanger, Stevenage and ourselves) came to Ricky on a lovely autumnal morning to see if they could win the 12 man team event that marks the end of the friendly season. 

Players were greeted at the Fairway Inn to see a giant printed board displayed with the tee times and running order for the day, together with each club’s logo. Huge thanks go to Graham Davies for providing such a memorable contribution to the day. Gary Sippetts and Colin Taylor were on first tee duty, Gary with the microphone, Colin with the camera. 

The Captains went out first, followed by their Vice Captains, then everyone else in handicap order. The scoring was tough for most, as despite most players having played here during the season, the greens lived up to their reputation as Tricky Ricky bit a lot of the players. It was the Ricky players that of course coped the best, and returned the top 3 scores on the day (David Watson 39pts, Danny Simmonds 37pts, Dave Sanders 36 pts). The best visitor returned 35 pts.

So, well done to the Ricky team of: Danny Simmonds, Graham Farmer, Dave Sanders, David Watson, Gerald Hirst, Dave Miles, John Shamoon, Graham Simon, Denis Curran, Mick Rogers, Stefan Kunka and Rob Camilleri.

It was Panshanger who managed to win the overall Herts Friendly League by virtue of their away win at Batchwood, thus giving them the extra point needed to win the cup.

Our thanks go to Jim McLeod and the greenstaff for setting up the course well for the day, and Grant and his staff at the Fairway Inn for providing hot food and plenty of refreshment before and after the match.

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Hole in one alert

Congratulations to Mary Harris, who holed in one at the 17th with her rescue club. Well done Mary!

Senior’s season report

Here’s a summary of the Rickmansworth Senior’s season:

Results                      W            L              H             Points


Batchwood Hall       1              1                             6.5 –  5.5

Bushey Country C    1                               1             7   –  5

Chartridge Park        1              1                              7   –  5

Haste Hill                                 2               1             7   –  11  (inc Shield)

Huntswood              1              1                              7.5 –  4.5

Little Hay                 1              1                              5.5  – 6.5

Oakland Park           1              1               1             10.5 – 7.5   (inc Mixed)

Shendish Manor                     2                              4    –  8

Ricky Ladies                            1                              1    –  2                                                


Total                         6            10               3          56 – 55

The 2015 season ended with a decline in team performance compared with 2014 but, oddly, an improvement in individual performance. The team won just six matches, losing ten in 2015 compared with eight wins and eight losses in 2014, with three matches halved in both years. Yet in 2015 we won more individual points than in 2014, 56 to 55.

We competed for three trophies in the year, starting as holders of two of them, the Four Clubs Trophy and the Holden-Mallick Trophy. We ended the season without a trophy. We lost the Four Clubs Trophy to Shendish Manor, mainly by losing both our home and away matches to them. Rickmansworth Ladies could muster only six players for the Holden-Mallick Trophy, but they were good enough to win 2-1. The final match of the season saw Rickmansworth make a better fist of challenging for the Haste Hill Shield than last year but still not good enough to win.

As last year, 31 different players turned out. Welcome to Allan MacDonald, Clive Bennett, Ray Tomlinson and Syd Carter who made their Senior debuts. Core players were Mike Mortlock, John Jackson, Roy Prue, Trevor Spencer, Bill Moffatt, Peter Jones and Dennis Murphy who played in ten or more matches. ‘Player of the Year’ was John Jackson who won 75% of the points available to him with Peter Jones winning a commendable 65% of available points.

Again, many thanks to all those who turned out, from those who signed up as soon as the sheet was on the board to those who responded to the pleading and cajoling when it looked as though we might be short.

Frank Haines, 6th Oct 2015

Ricky Seniors end of season match

The Indian summer ended just a day too early for Rickmansworth Seniors as they attempted to take the Haste Hill Shield back from Haste Hill at the South Buckinghamshire on Monday October 5th. Continuous drizzle almost throughout the match was topped off with a twenty minute downpour in the middle.

Despite improving on last year’s ½ – 5½ defeat, Ricky left the Shield with Haste Hill for another year, going down 2-4. Special mention must be made of Colin Timms who was called up at an hour’s notice after a Ricky player called in sick. Having had probably the fastest drive to get to the match on time, he supplemented it with the prize for the longest drive and rounded out the day by winning his match.

Frank Haines, Senior’s Captain 2015

Golfing equipment for sale…

Colin Timms has some items for sale…;


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