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Saturday 1st October saw the largest ever field to embark on any of the Club’s previous 20 autumnal tours – with 26 golfers setting off for the celebratory 21st European tour to the Algarve in Portugal. The week was even more special with the Algarve celebrating 50 years of sunshine golf.


The tourists were treated to a feast of golf on courses in great condition, and some of the best weather the region can offer. It was great to see R.G.C. so well represented abroad with quite a few new faces on the tour.

As usual the tournament was close and went down to the last round where the top 6 battled it out for the title of Tour champion and the honour of getting their name on the coveted trophy. Of the leading contenders heading into the last day, only Mick Rogers had previously won the title way back at the turn of the century, in Lisbon 2000.

A terrific last round on the superb Quinta do Lago Laranjal golf course saw another great effort from the leaders with 5 of the top 6 scoring in the 30’s and 4 of them improving their overall totals!

Dan Foster who was joint leader going into the last day on 109 pts unfortunately had his worst score of the week to miss out on the title by only a point !

Ben Plumridge, Archie Ahmed and Mick Rogers playing very well on the last day to return scores of 35 and 2 x 36 points respectively. A special mention to Dave Watson playing off 5 handicap who returned all 6 scores in the 30’s and only finished 6 points off the lead with a great best 3 round total of 104!

A superb last round went to the winner of the day Tunde Dabiri with a terrific score of 37 points, this being even more sweet for the tour rookie, as the previous day he returned a very poor score to win the coveted last place HAT !

After all was said and done, the deserved winner by only 1 point and scoring 36 on the last day to seal his victory was the very consistent Danny Simmonds. His worst score of the week being on day 1 with a very decent effort of 32 points.

His winning scores were 36, 36,and 38 to score a whopping 110 points. Many congratulations go to Danny who was only on his 2nd tour!

1. Danny Simmonds 110 (36, 36, 38)

2. Dan Foster 109 (34, 37, 38)

3. Ben Plumridge c.b. 108 (35, 36, 37)

4. Mick Rogers 108 (35, 36, 37)

5. Archie Ahmed 106 (34, 36, 36)

6. Dave Watson 104 (33, 35, 36)

Some very good scores with the top 6 all scoring over 100 points !

Along with tour veteran Denis Curran 99, 4 Rookies, Tunde Dabiri 99, Jake Jacobson 98, John Shamoon 94 & Stefan Kunka 92 all returned very good scores in the 90’s.

The week was a great success on & off the course with everyone enjoying the festivities and great bars & restaurants of Albufeira.

The WhatsApp group was a great idea and proved very popular with all the participants. The only problem was the SELFIE KING, Tunde filled all of our phones with his mugshots !

The choice of a winner of the day having to wear a bandit outfit and the worst score of the day an Elvis wig & glasses went down well with all, and provided some memorable photos for the group. More to follow soon!

Thanks go to Gary Sippetts for inviting the special guests to join the group at Penina, namely, Prince William, Comedian & presenter Alan Carr & Pop duo Jedwood !


The week was filled with some great golf and was great fun by all that entered in to the spirit. Special congratulations go to Dan Foster for winning the concurrent matchplay event, and to Graham Simon, who made a hole in one at what was probably one of the toughest par 3s of the entire week – uphill, over a ravine at Boavista!

A huge thanks to all that made the effort to keep the Ricky flag flying high, and take part in our 21st birthday edition of the autumn tour.

I hope to see you all and more on the next edition, I’m looking forward to it already.

Dave Miles, Akela

President R.G.C.

RGC Seniors end of year report

Rickmansworth GC Seniors 2016 Season

Results                    W           L             H             Points

Batchwood Hall       1              1                             4.5 –  7.5

Bushey Country C    1              1                            6   –  6

Chartridge Park        1              1                             6.5  – 5.5

Haste Hill                 1              2                             8.5  –  9.5  (inc Shield)

Huntswood              1                             1              8   –   4

Little Hay                 1              1                             6.5 –   5.5

Oakland Park           2              1                             9   –   9  (inc Mixed)

Shendish Manor       1                             1              7.5 –  4.5

Ricky Ladies            1                                             3.5   – 1.5                                                             

Total                         10           7               2             60 –   53


2016 season ended with improved team and individual performances compared with 2015. The team won ten matches, losing seven and tying two  in 2016 compared with six wins, ten losses and three ties in 2015. We won 60 individual points compared with 56 a year earlier.

We competed for three trophies in the year, starting as holders of none of them. We ended the season with a clean sweep, winning all three. We won the Four Clubs Trophy from Shendish Manor, by the narrowest of margins, tied on seven points with Ricky winning by virtue of having won 20 games compared with Shendish’s 19.5. Rickmansworth Ladies fielded five pairs for the Holden-Mallick Trophy but were unable to retain the trophy, losing 1.5 – 3.5. The final match of the season saw Rickmansworth challenging for the Haste Hill Shield and managing to regain the Shield by 4.5-1.5 for the first time since 2013.

34 different players turned out, four more than last year. We had four different Captains during the year, Frank Haines taking ten of the matches with the others split between Bob Horton, Roy Prue and Martin Holden. Welcome to Eric Erabadda, Grant Convey, Ivor Gould, Larry Fahey, Steve Browning  and Vic Meakes who made their Senior debuts. Club stalwarts were Mike Mortlock and Clive Bennett who played in 18 and 16 matches respectively of the total 19. David Griffin, Dennis Murphy, John Gwilt, John Murphy, Roy Prue and Syd Carter played in ten or more matches. ‘Player of the Year’ goes to the highest points scorer who played more than half the matches. This year’s winner was Clive Bennett who scored 63% of the points available to him. Special mention must be made of Allan MacDonald and Trevor Spencer who both scored 78% from the nine matches they each played in. 

Again, many thanks to the stand-in Captains and all those who turned out, from those who signed up as soon as the sheet was on the board to those who responded to the pleading and cajoling when it looked as though we might be short.

Frank, 17 Oct 2016

Danny Simmonds wins Club Tour to Algarve – more to follow soon!

RGC 21st anniversary tour - Penina GC, Algarve. Click to enlarge!

RGC 21st anniversary tour – Penina GC, Algarve. Click to enlarge!

Ricky Seniors end season on a high!

Ricky Seniors’ final match of the season was played on Monday October 10th at a sunny South Buckinghamshire.  The match was for the Rickmansworth – Haste Hill Shield, which had been won for the last three years by Haste Hill.

Hopes of regaining the Shield weren’t too high since Ricky had just one tied match in the last seven against Haste Hill. Captain Frank Haines and partner did little to raise expectations going down 3 and 1 in the first match. But that was the last defeat Ricky suffered. In a tight match, four of the remaining five games were decided on the 18th hole, Ricky winning three of them and halving the other. John Gwilt and Vic Meakes completed the victory with a seemingly comfortable 4 and 2 win so ending the season on a winning note with the return of the Shield. Well done team!

Ricky Seniors win Four Clubs Trophy

The Seniors played their re-arranged away fixture against Bushey Country Club on Tuesday 27th September under the Captaincy of Roy Prue. This was the final fixture in the Four Club trophy competition. With Rickmansworth, Shendish Manor and Little Hay tied on seven points and Shendish having a half point advantage in games won, all Ricky needed to do was win just one game. Having beaten Bushey 5-1 at Ricky a month before, the odds on Ricky regaining the Trophy looked quite good. Those odds started to lengthen as the Captain and his partner took something of a pasting in the first match. The next three matches were also defeats for Ricky, albeit by ever smaller margins. Things weren’t looking too good, but with two of Ricky’s stronger players, Tom Moore and Allan MacDonald in the last two pairings, there was still hope. Tom and his partner Vic Meakes calmed the nerves coming in with a two and one victory, so clinching the Four Clubs Trophy. It was just as well they did since the final game also went to Bushey leaving them 5-1 winners. Ricky had regained the Four Club Trophy from Shendish Manor by the narrowest of margins, both tied on seven points with Ricky having won 20 games and Shendish 19.5.

2016 Seniors’ results list

Hollowcoring and postponed Tuesday medal

The greenkeepers will be hollowcoring the greens Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th and topdressing on Wednesday 12th October. You can still play but whatever hole the greenkeepers are working on will have a temporary green in play or the hole will be closed and you can skip to the next one. Needless to say the greenkeepers will have right of way. As you can appreciate this doesn’t happen too often and is essential work needed for the course to be in play all year round. This work clashes (unavoidably) with the midweek medal which has therefore been postponed ..future date to be advised later.