Member’s questionnaire – 1st replies


As most of the members will know, we recently asked the membership some questions about the Club. We had many responses which we thank you all for. The first few questions related generally to Club social events, but the last question was for Members to give suggestions on improving the Club. Plenty of suggestions were received, but some related to the course & clubhouse areas. These points were put to Jim McLeod, complex manager and below is his reply. The committee is actively working on other suggestions relating to club affairs and will report back in due course.

1/ Air extractor in the Ladies toilet.

This is a matter I will have to address with my Regional Manager within the context of maintenance CAPEX at RGC.

2/ Ladies clothes & golf clubs in the pro-shop.

Unfortunately this will always be a contentious issue. The club currently has only 14 lady members (10 of which are Seniors!) therefore from a business prospective the balance of sales v customers is not there at the moment. However with the added bonus of operating 2 sites (RGC & Bushey) I can inform you that Bushey currently has a good range of ladies golfing requisites. We will review ladies requisites at RGC once the shop refit has been completed.

3/ Car park could do with a tidy up.

This has been discussed following a recent audit and I am extremely concerned over this. Following the audit we have implemented weekly checks of the outside areas of the premises to ensure first impressions are maintained to a high standard. Please contact me immediately if any member feels that standards are not being maintained.

4/ More bins on the course.

Currently there are bins covering 9 holes of the course. What I can ensure is that they are emptied on a regular basis.

5/ Yardage posts, bring back 150 yard posts.

I will discuss this with MGD at our next meeting and report back. By the way we sell yardage charts

6/ Keep the white tees during winter.

The decision to remove white tee markers during the winter period was to alleviate continual wear & tear of the teeing areas. If the club wish to have the white tees available throughout the winter then the decision as to where they will be placed will be that of the head green-keeper.

7/ Stop putting pin positions on top of a hill.

This issue has been reported to the head green-keeper and the matter has been addressed.

8/ Improve the quality of sand in the bunkers. Put a rake in each bunker & a notice to golfers on a plaque/board saying they must rake bunker before playing on.

Are we discussing issues with members only or all players in general?

I will discuss the issue of bunker rakes with the head green-keeper to ensure rakes are in place and bunker raking is monitored closely as part of course maintenance.

We have introduced a bunker plan into our yearly CAPEX programme which will provide yearly renovations of bunkers on a priority basis.