Latest course manager’s report…

Please see below for the latest update from the greenkeeping staff…

An advance warning of work being carried out throughout the month of June.

  • Due to weather conditions, irrigation may be running on early mornings towards the end of the month, however this is not expected and should not cause any inconvenience to play.
  • A total weed killer will be applied to paths, tree bases, around the clubhouse and in bunkers on the par 3 course. This is not harmful and will not interfere with play.
  •  A soluble feed will be applied to the greens within the first two weeks. This will be weather dependent on what day, and a day will be chosen with no matches or events.
  • The greens may be Air cored towards the end of the month. This again will depend on a number of things and will try and be done at a time that causes minimal disruption.

Other than the items listed above, routine maintenance will be taking place throughout the weeks, keeping to standard practice. Interference with play will be kept to a minimum as much as possible.

* In the case of issues with mowers last month; The problem was rectified in a matter of days. At this time of year it will have an effect on the course for this period of time. Apologies for this.