Rickmansworth v Batchwood HFL Away Match Report Sat 11th August 2018

With a strong team we turned up knowing that with only 2 away matches left, an away win this week or next week at Little Hay was essential if we want to have a chance of winning the league.

A rest bite from the really hot weather was forecast and the conditions were perfect for golf, with a heavy downpour on Friday evening to soften the course a little bit.

As the round was going on I was getting whispers from the other groups that Rickmansworth were playing well. Rickmansworth took a 4 point lead after the first group returned, and a 6 point lead once the second group had come in. The third group came in played a close match but was down by 1 point, so Ricky still had a 5 point lead. The fourth group again had a close match but was down by 2 points meaning Ricky had a 3 point lead with 1 group to come in. There was a tense atmosphere in the clubhouse and when John and Stefan handed me their card with a disappointed look on their face I was starting to worry, but although they were down in the match they played a fantastic round and kept pace with the home pairing who posted 45 points and they managed to bring in 43 points meaning they were only down by 2 points which gave us a much deserved away win by 1 point and the final result being 205 Batchwood to 206 Rickmansworth. Herts Friendly League results 2018

John Shamoon and Stefan Kunka won our sweep with that 43 points in the last match and kindly donated their winnings to my charity.

Thank you to all that played

Martin Bartlett, Club Captain 2018