National passport scheme (formerly County Card)

Once again this season Rickmansworth Golf Club have provided all of their members with a complimentary Hertfordshire Golf National Passport. This is great news if you like visiting other courses!

The National Passport scheme is a way that members of affiliated clubs can play at other clubs that are signed up to the National Passport scheme. Visitors generally pay a vastly reduced green fee – normally the guest rate of the Club they’re visiting. The list of clubs that participate is comprehensive.

Just looking at Hertfordshire for instance, there are some very good quality courses to play all at a good discount; such as Aldenham, Berkhamsted, Brickendon Grange, Hadley Wood, Letchworth, Moor Park, Old Fold Manor, Porters Park, Sandy Lodge, South Herts, Verulam, Welwyn Garden City & West Herts.

Going away in the UK? Take your National Passport and look in the directory at the list of participating courses. You’ll be surprised at just how many there are, and even more surprised at some of the top quality tracks included.

Please see Gerald Hirst if you haven’t got your National Passport yet. Click here to view the full list of courses.