Order of Merit

The Order of Merit is a scratch medal competition that takes place during the summer. There are 12 qualifying competitions starting from the Ken Mead Memorial Trophy in April, and culminating in the Len Covey September Medal. They are also noted on this website’s Club Diary with “ORDER OF MERIT EVENT” on the tournament detail area.

You must play at least 7 qualifying rounds in order to be eligible. Any NO RETURN will eliminate you from the competition. The winner is the player with the lowest average scratch medal score after the last counting event.

This event was established in 1994, and 2 players have dominated this event thus far; Tom Moore and Anthony Light, both with 5 wins each reflecting their consistent medal play over the years.

Roll of Honour:

2019 M. Ahmed
2018 B. Plumridge
2017 D. Hirst
2016 D. Watson
2015 B. Plumridge
2014 D. Hirst
2013 D. Watson
2012 M. Ahmed
2011 A. Light
2010 A. Light
2009 A. Light
2008 A. Light
2007 T. Moore
2006 A. Light
2005 T. Moore
2004 T. Moore
2003 M. Rogers
2002 S. Jackson
2001 T. Moore
2000 T. Moore
1999 R. Henderson
1998 D. Miles
1997 R. Henderson
1996 D. Sanders 
1995 D. Sanders
1994 P. Aveyard