Arthur Tomkins Scratch Matchplay Championship

The Arthur Tomkins Scratch Match play Championship is a knockout tournament now played over the summer months. It is named after one of Rickmansworth Golf Club’s finest players – Arthur Tomkins.

It is open to all gentlemen members of Rickmansworth Golf Club, and as the trophy title suggests, there is no handicap allowance. Matches are played on a scratch basis and there is no qualification criteria. The players holding the four lowest handicaps at the closing date will be seeded to meet in the semi-finals.

First played for in 1978, George Caprani dominated this event and won 10 Scratch Matchplay Titles in 11 years from 1979 until 1989. This certainly seems to be a competition where repeat winners are found, John Jackson winning 3 times, Robbie Henderson 5 times, Dave Miles 4 times and more recently Anthony Light 5 times.

Roll of Honour:

2019 B. Plumridge
2018 B. Plumridge
2016 D. Hirst
2015 B. Plumridge
2014 M. Ahmed
2013 D. Hirst
2012 G. Hirst
2011 G. Hirst
2010 A. Light
2009 A. Light
2008 A. Light
2007 A. Light
2006 A. Light
2005 D. Miles
2004 D. Miles
2003 D. Miles
2002 S. Jackson
2001 D. Miles
2000 R. Henderson
1999 R. Henderson
1998 R. Henderson
1997 R. Henderson
1996 T. Moore
1995 A. Pullin
1994 J. Jackson
1993 J. Devan
1992 J. Jackson
1991 R. Henderson
1990 A. Pullin
1989 N. Caprani
1988 N. Caprani
1987 J. Jackson
1986 N. Caprani
1985 N. Caprani
1984 N. Caprani
1983 N. Caprani
1982 N. Caprani
1981 N. Caprani
1980 N. Caprani
1979 N. Caprani
1978 A. Cunningham