George Caprani Cup

The George Caprani President’s Cup is a Medal format knock out competition. The Cup is named after Rickmansworth’s most famous player George Caprani, who was Club President between 1993 and 1998. The Club holds a qualifying competition in mid summer where the top 31 players will join the defending champion in competing over the Autumn and Winter for this prestigious trophy.

Roll of Honour:

2018/19 L. Kelly
2016/17 J. Murphy
2015/16 G. Simon
2014/15 M. Rogers
2013/14 D. Miles
2012/13 D. Watson
2011/12 A. Light
2010/11 M. Ahmed
2009/10 M. Ahmed
2008/09 T. Moore
2007/08 J. Waller
2006/07 T. Moore
2005/06 D. Curran
2004/05 C. Gillett
2003/04 M. Gornicki
2002/03 D. Miles
2001/02 D. Miles
2000/01 J. Devan
1999/00 I. Hopwood
1998/99 M. Eliasson
1997/98 S. Doherty
1996/97 S. Hughes
1995/96 C. White
1994/95 I. Hopwood